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2009-01-20 12:44:04 by JtR666

Now I put ads in my Flash.
I just hope I earn something for it. It'll be fine I guess. So, if you see an ad in my Flash movies, be sure to at least click it. I'll thank you for your efforts.

Stop it.

2009-01-19 11:26:43 by JtR666

What's the matter with me? I looked in my user page and saw some spam in my profile. Seriously, don't you people have anything better to do?


2009-01-18 18:15:59 by JtR666

Yes, I know, I should make Flash I should get done, but really, is that really necessary?
Anyways, I'm back to NG. Guess I'll post some music in the Audio Portal (first time there) until I get something done in Flash. Flash is not my hobby, for now.

Look what I have...

2007-08-29 06:12:22 by JtR666

A little of progress from Nerd RevoluciĆ³n Episode 1. This is John, and it's on the beginning on the movie, so stay calm.

Look what I have...

Back. Back. Back.

2007-08-26 17:25:47 by JtR666

Okay, so I'm actually starting a flash for this, so I may update this profile as you see, with all the new NG features. Have patience, I'll soon post any screens of my future flash works!